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This was a great place to buy from, delivered directly inside my home! They responded immediately to my emails with answers to my questions. We are going to purchase from them again immediately. Extremely good service.
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Relaxing Water Fountains - Decorative Fountains, Tabletop Fountains, Waterfall Fountains, Garden Fountains
Because we love the beauty and relaxing qualities of fountains, we have searched far and wide for the best selection of decorative fountains at the best prices so that you can enjoy the beauty and harmony of a relaxing water fountain in your home or office.  Whether it be a tabletop fountains, waterfall fountains, garden fountains or any of the many other types of water fountains that we carry, we're sure that you'll find something that you like.  Take a deep breath, think of the sound of a running stream and relax with us...
Bamboo Slide Zen Tabletop FountainBamboo Slide Zen Tabletop FountainBamboo Tabletop Fountain Best SellerThis Bamboo Slide Zen Tabletop Fountain brings the sights and sounds of nature into your home or office. Designed by a team of gifted artisans, this exquisite table top fountain creates a striking focal point wherever placed. 

The gently flowing waters provide relaxation to help soothe your nerves, restore your body, mind and spirit. Bring harmony, good fortune and vibrancy of natural world to any environment. A mesmerizing and enchanting experience, this striking piece is certain to catch a few second glances.

Our fountains allow you to place the relaxing sound of flowing water in almost any room of your decor. Add the relaxing, soothing sound of flowing water to your home and enhance the décor at the same time.
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Bluebirds Nesting Porcelain Nature's Garden Tabletop FountainBluebirds Nesting Porcelain Nature's Garden Tabletop Fountain
Eternal Steps Tabletop Water FountainEternal Steps Tabletop Water Fountain
Golden Buddha Temple Tabletop Water FountainGolden Buddha Temple Tabletop Water Fountain
Hummingbirds Sipping Nectar Verdigris Porcelain Nature's Garden Tabletop FountainHummingbirds Sipping Nectar Verdigris Porcelain Nature's Garden Tabletop Fountain
Lightup Grecian Urn Tabletop Water FountainLightup Grecian Urn Tabletop Water Fountain
Motion and Sound Bluebird Porcelain Nature's Garden Tabletop FountainMotion and Sound Bluebird Porcelain Nature's Garden Tabletop Fountain
Rainbow Colored Rock Desktop Water FountainRainbow Colored Rock Desktop Water Fountain
Rock Wall Desktop Water FountainRock Wall Desktop Water Fountain
Roman Courtyard Tabletop Water FountainRoman Courtyard Tabletop Water Fountain

How to Maintain Your Fountain Motor

Having a water fountain indoors do not only look beautiful but also offer tranquillity. Having one can add value to your home, provided you know exactly how to take care of it.

The first priority of fountain maintenance is to keep its motor in proper condition.

The mechanism of all fountains is more or less the same. It consists of a reservoir, an intake pipe, impeller, a motor and an outlet. The motor is the most important part as without it, the water will neither circulate nor be squirted out from the outlet in the fountain system. You can maintain your fountain motor following the guidelines below:

  • Maintain a minimum water level in the pump so that the motor does not get overheated.
  • Place the pump at a level ground to avoid vibrations that can loosen motor parts and fittings in the system.
  • Add a filter to the intake opening to prevent clogging.
  • At regular intervals, check the impeller for mineral and sediment deposits and clean it with solvent solutions available in stores.
  • Use distilled water and keep the pump powered on to keep the motor in good condition.

If you notice that there are problems with the motor, have it fixed or replaced right away.

The Importance of Taking Care of the Garden around Your Water Fountain

A water fountain enhances the look and appeal of the garden. Likewise, the garden increases the utility and beauty of the water fountain.

Why set up your fountain in your garden?

There are important reasons people set up fountains in their garden. Some of these are:

  • For satisfying the aesthetic sense of the owner
  • Creating a relaxing spot by its sheer presence
  • Increasing the value of your garden
  • Complementing your shrubs and other plants

Why should you maintain your garden?

  • Unnecessary cleaning of the pump can be avoided if the area near the fountain, the lawn and the walks that reach to the fountain are well maintained.
  • If the surrounding area is dirty, unkempt, and messy, the fountain will lose its charm and will not meet its aesthetic purpose.
  • If the space near the fountain is not well kept, it will distract the onlookers and the fountain will lose its peaceful effect.
  • If the foliage and flowers are not healthy and free of harmful insects and bugs, they will contaminate water and affect the working of the pump.
  • The lawn should be mowed regularly by a zero turn ride on mower. Dirty and decaying grass can build up debris which can get in the fountain.
  • The walk leading to the garden fountain should be regularly cleaned. Untidy walks can allow weeds to develop. Weeds tend to hide insects and reptiles that can make the water poisonous.

Final Thoughts

Garden fountains attract birds, little animals and children. If the area near the fountain is not carefully maintained and it manages to attract poisonous bugs, insects and snakes, then the garden will no longer be a safe place to visit and lounge in. If you can’t maintain the garden yourself, you can always hire other people to do the task for you.

A Bubbling Water Fountain in the Outdoor Barbecue Area

An outdoor barbecue area is an important space where you can spend a relaxing time with your friends and family. Having such area is becoming more and more fashionable. People love to convert their terraces, backyards or patios into open barbecue areas.

This space for get-togethers and parties can be made even more special by adding a bubbling water fountain in the center of it. The sound of water and the view of dripping water will create an atmosphere of relaxation. Smoky sizzlers will add flavour to the occasion, but it is the water fountain that will calm down everyone’s nerves.

Recently, we met a couple who wanted to create an outdoor smoker barbecue in their open backyard. The place was surrounded by tall trees. There were colourful flowers growing here and there in bunches. The green foliage complemented the design of their barbecue area. They had arranged for a stylish dining set and a gas smoker on a paved courtyard.

The happy couple now desires to add a water fountain to increase the aesthetics of the place. They believe that water fountains are like bird baths. They want a fountain that will attract birds, whose voices will be their music while they are slow cooking on their gas smoker.

Their desire is soon going to be fulfilled by an expert who is offering instruction for creating a beautiful cascade style water fountain in the centre of their barbecue area somewhere, near the dining table.

If you like the idea and like one for your backyard, too, you can contact us directly.

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